About Us

There are over 11,000 children in foster care in New York City. Approximately 40% of these children are teenagers. Many of these older children face unique and complex challenges in their efforts to become successful, self-sufficient adults. Much is needed that cannot be provided by government funding, and New Yorkers For Children aims to provide youth with the support, guidance, and opportunities that every child deserves.

2014 Activities and Impact

NYFC touches the lives of more than 1,000 youth in foster care annually through our signature programming. NYFC also continues to further its mission through grant making activities to create more effective systems to better serve youth in foster care. The following are examples of our accomplishments in 2014:

  • 326 laptops were given as part of the 760 Back–To–School Package Program
  • 75 Back-To-School Packages were sent to youth who have already aged out of care
  • $42,800 was distributed by the Charles Evans Emergency Fund
  • The Youth CAN! program doubled its size
  • 71% of Youth CAN! participants are now employed
  • 5 Guardian Scholars graduated, with two continuing on to graduate school